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About the Fairy Forts

Back to the ringfort conversation which I promised…

Growing up there were twin fairy forts a few fields away from where I lived, we played by them on the sides of them and sometimes in them from time to time.

We never went on them at night for some reason – primarily due to the concern that came with forts that someone would get caught up in the music and have to dance all night long with the Fairies, and then – would you even be able to get back home in the morning…as you would be exhausted.

As it turns out, there were about 7 of these forts within a couple of miles from my home.

There are many of these in Ireland – over 200 in my County alone.

There is a general  understanding that these forts are not to be disturbed as general misfortune will follow those who do.

Think – accidents, bankruptcy and so on and so forth.  So we leave them alone.  

In school and academic conversations about all forts in general was “that people lived in them in round houses, they were built during the bronze age, they would usually have had at least one building inside”

This is just a broad sweep.

But would they…?

Really…? live inside a fairy fort?

Fairy Fort

Generally I think we suffer from a great deal of misclassification of the specific details of the fort, based on location, materials and design style.

It is a bit like calling every vehicle on the road a car (ignoring tractors, bikes, trucks, etc) or every drink water…missing a lot of the finer details and subtleties.

So there are Fairy Forts – understood to connect to other dimensions, inner earth and other realms.  From what I see these are usually earthen only, they keep the harmony on the surface intact. These have a role in calming surface energy on the land and breaching that circle will result in chaos ensuing.  Like the ones by my home.

There are ringforts/ earthen usually with trees or shrubs – these tend to be on top hills. Understood to connect to other dimensions, inner earth and other realms.  What is under the ground in that location is amplified greatly and also protected by the fort – like a cap on a head and also connected to the heavens and the sky.  These are around the country in different places.

Hilltop Ringfort

There are stone forts and circular ramparts (a bank and ditch), often with a stakewall for living or protection, these would be for living or protection. So Dun Angus or many of the forts on the Aran Islands and all down the west coast such as Mooghan Hill fort – which is close to where I live.

Then there are ceremonial earthen forts, often a double infinity style loop with a male and female circle – or multiple concentric circles – these forts allowed dimensional connection, ceremonies here are not just of this world, they are spiritual and are recorded in other realms and dimensions and connection to other parts of the world through the ley lines that interconnect the world grid. Like the Hill of Tara

Many places in nature I notice that plants grow in circles and this is a phenomenon found around the world. 

The circle and spirals are truly divine in nature.

So that is my 10 cents  on the round forts for now

This coming year Celtic Egypt will be taking you onto the lands of Ireland and we will experience many of these different geomantic structures and all of the energy they share with us.

I do hope you will join us.

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