I am an RTT®️ Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Coach. Reinventing yourself? Healing yourself? or Manifesting? - perhaps I can help you also.

Get Specific on What You Want From Life and Why

Fix Your Mindset & Heal Your Life...

Are you ready to take control of your life? 

You might just be browsing? maybe your are looking for adventure? or maybe life has just handed you a challenge and you are looking for solutions.

The Mind is the architect of life – your thoughts are the blueprint, your words are the building blocks of your life, your imagination is the designer and your emotions are the fuel.  When any one of these systems are projecting ‘junk’ information into your ‘world’ your results will be off.

Unresolved emotions that tend towards the negative will have a negative impact on your most precious creations.  Negative repetitive thoughts will bring things into your world that you would usually prefer not to create and a negative imagination – image-nation drains your energy and takes away from your creative capacity.

  • Mindset

    Your Mind is The Architect of Your Life:  Develop Correct Thinking and Mindset to Reach Your Goals and Dreams...Ailish

  • Imagination

    Your Imagination is the Designer Of Your Life: Learn how to Harness it to Build the Life of Your Dreams...Ailish

  • Words

    Your Words Are the Building Blocks of Your Life: Learn how to use Them to Build a Life That YOU are in Love With...Ailish

  • Energy

    Your Energy and Emotions are the Fuel for Your Dreams:  Learn How you can Become Happy and Use Them To Fuel Your Dreams...Ailish

    I'm Ailish Keating

    I am a certified Rapid Transformational Practitioner® and Life Coach.

    As a guide and mentor, my aim is to assist you in developing a positive mindset and achieving wealth and happiness, with a keen focus on living in the present.

    My purpose is to assist you in reaching your fullest potential by providing you with the tools and resources to help you succeed.

    Learn How to Stay Centered Amid Disctraction

    It is not possible to control the world around us – The only thing you can control is how you feel about things and how you respond to things and how you choose to view things. – your perspective. When you learn how to control and be the master of your inner-world miraculously the outer world will change in ways you could not conceive. 

    Learning how to live in the present moment is key to getting in flow with life.

    When you are grounded in yourself and living in – the moment of now, you have the most possibility of impacting change in your life.  

    Often when we have become disconnected from our self or our purpose – life will send us ‘some thing’ to help redirect our attention – this can be a health challenge, a relationship challenge or some other thing or loss.

    Once you start to address that, and are willing to go deeper and discover what it is within you that is calling for your attention – then you can heal, release and rebalance whatever that challenge came to draw your attention to.

    I can help with that – all of it.

    Free - Money Mindset Audio

    Unleash your inner money magnet and magnetize new opportunities with with this FREE Money Mindset Audio! Get your subconscious Mind on board with your dreams. 

    Imagine a future filled with financial abundance and freedom. Sounds pretty sweet, right?  Bring your subconscious on board, hit play and cruise towards that improved cash flow.

    Get ready to manifest more prosperity and bring in new opportunities!

    Mindfulness Retreats in Ireland and Egypt

    Mindfulness Retreats are Ailish’s signature group and individual spiritual journeys.  Being present in a fully supportive role to help men and women awaken their higher awareness and inner knowing – it is aligning the inner compass to your own personal northstar

    This allows the participants to achieve their greatest potential prosperity, wealth and personal success in business and in life.  Ailish hosts retreats in Ireland, France and Egypt with her Retreat partner Jacqueline Hefferman.  These can be custom retreats for individuals and groups or please join one of our upcoming mindfulness being present retreats.

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