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Are you a wildly visionary woman.  You have brilliant ideas, you have taken so many courses (or maybe none) and for some reason you still cannot move forward and bring your ideas into the world – taking the right action evades you.

I want you to create you life by design and not default.  I want to see you knowing what to do and completing the necessary action to get the results you are seeking. I want you to feel free from the limitations of indecision and self doubt to feeling empowered and confident that you can and will achieve your goals and dreams.

Hey There, I Am Ailish

I help wildly visionary women get unstuck, become CEO of their life so they can step into their greatness and add their brilliance to the world

It is not the time for playing small – we all have gifts to share and now is the time to bring them into the light and into good use for ourselves, our homes, community and the world.

We had contracts and visions of the work that we would do when we came here and while there is no law that says you must do anything – Wayne Dwyre put it beautifully – Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You.

I have had my journey too.  I came pretty close to that reality, close enough for me to decide, I am not going to hide anymore.  The growth is phenomenal and I would love to share it with you so you can shine your light brightly in the world. I have also reclaimed my health and started a whole new career.

I love to travel, hike, take photographs and explore the inner world and outer landscape

Visionary WOmen

My Mission

I want to create a world where people are fully connected to their soul so that they become conscious co-creators and experience a powerful life without limits.

Work With Me

How can We Work Together?

Work With Ailish

Hypnotherapy & Coaching Bundle

Working on your conscious and subconscious mind simultaneously allows you to process and completely rewire your thinking and your results on so many levels. Two Hypnotherapy sessions and two coaching sessions. Great to move through single items.

Work With Me

Greater Levels of Love Coaching - 10 weeks

Discover and release the blocks that are holding you back. Over the course of 10 weeks we will work together and identify and release patterns, beliefs, actions and behaviours that are keeping you stuck. You will learn to create new, thoughts, feelings and actions to move you forward in life.

Work With Me

RTT Session: Rapid Transformational Therapy®

Rapid Transformation Technique (RTT®) embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, known to produce a transformative effect on clients. It is a new highly effective therapeutic approach. Sessions are 2-3 hours.

Let's Get Started

In as little as a few sessions you will start to experience the benefits of the work – 

What people say?

I just wanted to thank ailish so much for all the help and insight, I found it so useful.  I was doing lots of work towards my goals, but I had lost sight of what had made me happy and made me content. It has really brought me back to being happy. I just feel so much more content since I started. Ailish is amazing, she is so genuine, and has given me so many insights, she made me my own recording which I listen to in the evenings and I found it really helps, and it is personal to me.  If you are thinking about doing the course, I definitely recommend it.  It has really helped me, I am so much closer to a lot of my goals since starting but more importantly I am a lot content. I plan to keep going with it all, there is so much information. Thank you Ailish, you are brilliant, Thank you.


Entrepreneur, Northern Ireland

Customers review


Before working with Ailish, I had anxiety that kept me in constant worry and fear, all day long. We worked together on RTT and tapping, and since then I have felt relieved of my constant stress and anxiety. I have become far more grounded in myself, and safe in my own body. I now have tools to use to settle my anxiety when I find myself in stressful situations, and I feel that I finally have control of my life.
Liza B
Actress, NYC
Thank you so much Ailish! I absolutely loved the course. Feel so grateful to have found you. I have learnt so much and still feel like I am just at the beginning. Big love, Maeve
Teacher & Single Parent

I was having problems with my memory. More so Just had difficulty recalling  information. I would read some thing in five minutes it would be gone or I wouldn’t be able to recall somebody’s name that I met 5 years ago. It was very strange and I didn’t realize how specific it was until I met Ailish! I had seen an Ad post of hers on social media and figured it couldn’t hurt. Honestly, I had little hope. I am almost always skeptical about literally everything. 

Ailish was extremely kind and knowledgeable, and had specific skill set of gifts that took me down memory lane, to the root of the issue. She taught me that this was the place I needed to sit to heal and I did. Wildly beyond my belief, it worked! I saw improvements that I didn’t think were possible.  And still months later, I’m continuing to improve. Amazed!!

I highly recommend that anyone considering this, just do it! Step away from the fear and questioning and just do it. You’ll thank yourself. 

Ailish offers freedom!

Jami, USA

Jami B

Entrepreneur & Mother

What a refreshing and renewing experience I have had  these past 40days!! A friend of mine recommended Vortex of Miracles after she  completed it and on  that basis I signed up impetuously and I am so glad I did it!!!!!


It has made a big impression on  me and an even bigger impact  on many levels.   It is very well composed and briskly paced and it gave me a chance of  tidying up my  thoughts ..i.e. to clear the chaff from the whey and “uncrowd” my mind.

One is gently urged on and given practical help  ‘tool’s to work with.

Amazing visualizations open up all sorts of avenues and some not even dreamt of being achievable. The meditations are very powerful.

Also the group had live weekly Q&A’s with  Ailish giving off her immense knowledge and  training loads of talks that helped me anyway to make the most of this  time. It has been a fab new experience and time well invested and realigns one…and much more. Thank you Ailish and looking forward eagerly to whatever new courses or books you are undoubtedly working on!!!!

Bridget Ann

Artist, Spain

Recent Podcast

Jennifer Greenlees and I have been friends and have known each other for 20 years. We worked together, did our Kundalini Yoga Teacher training together as well as shared many other adventures. Last year Jenny paddled from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland along the North Coast on the cold Irish Sea to fundraise for my treatments. Jenny is nothing short of Epic and I am blessed to call her friend. We got to chat on her podcast earlier this week about the art and importance of self care and how to learn to prfioritize yourself.

Some Recent Client Results

Increased Sense of Joy and Wellbeing
300% increase in income
Manifested a new home in a tight market within their pricerange
Chronic Illness has disappeared
Improved sleep & Anxiety is gone
Aced Exams due to Improved Memory & Concentration
Finally Feel like I am Truly Living my Life
Received a $15,000 gift out of the blue
Reached my goal of $250,000 annual income
I have won so many new things in the past three weeks
Friends and Family notice how much happier and brighter I am 
Launched a successful online business
Answers I had been looking for for years are finally coming to me, loud and clear
My goal is to have you know how you create in your Your Life, 
Finally feel joy flow through your life from your soul and 
to have you heal and align with the Grandest Version of you

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