Ways to work with me

1hr Consultation

Book a 1-hr Session to discuss and brainstorm  challenges you are facing in a collaborative and supportive environment. 

The idea here is you bring to the table a specific issue you are looking for guidance and support around.

I will give you a lot of ideas to look further into and intuitive guidance as inspired on the Zoom Call

Emotional Release

Are you Feeling Emotionally blocked or you cannot ‘get over’ or past an emotional event  or situation?

Find emotional freedom in just 1 session of Emotional Alchemy. Most issues are released and cleared in 1 session.  Ailish Created this body of work to deal with emotional patterns v’s mental patterns.

Book a 1.5 hour session here.

RTT Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy – is a highly transformative technique created by world renowned Therapist Marisa Peer.  

Ailish trained in RTT Therapy in 2020 and has helped hundreds of clients overcome mind blocks and self sabotage patterns.

2 hour session with a custom recording.

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Are You Ready to Heal Your Life?

I will make it as simple as possible for you to get the results and information that you are looking for. Schedule a call or book a consultation.
Ailish Penchance


Most people overestimate what they can get done in a short amount of time and underestimate what they can achieve with focused intention over a period of time, while tracking their progress.

You are the one constant in your life and when you can bring all parts of you into alignment with your goals and your dreams change can and will happen swiftly.

Sometimes when things get tough,  you need someone to bounce ideas of, hear from someone who has lived experience or work with someone who has helped hundreds of others find their solution – that is me.


You are designed for this! You May be experiencing turmoil—but this turmoil can become a doorway to healing and reinventing yourseld

I will show you how to train your mind, understand energy and develop a pathway to the life you know you could be experiencing

Even though you may be moving  through turbulent times, and it is important to choose to a new level of conscious creation in the midst of challenge and upheaval. You have the opportunity to change your trajectory.

Ailish Water


If You Always Do what you always did you will always get what you always got.

Universal energy is reflective – whatever you invest in or give your attention to is reflected back to you.  

If you are here and if you are reading this, there is a good chance you are looking for something specific and a high chance that I have what you need for support right now.

It does not matter what the story was up to this point, what matters is what you do with it now and where you choose to go with it going forward.

I can help with that.

Built your life On Purpose, align your thoughts, vibration, imagination and words - it is called Conscious Creation or Divine Design”- Ailish Keating


I work with men and women, young and old who are looking to change their experience of an event or recover from an event – be that ill health, divorce, loss of a loved one or any crisis.

I work in a way that honors who you have been, who you are and who you are becoming.  This is a judgement free zone where you can release the past and set yourself free to be present and build your future.

Individual sessions are now booking – Book a call below or email Ailish at  ailish@ailish.com with your requests.

Ailish in Bath
Work With Ailish 1:1
Working with Ailish is a custom 1:1 program and experience.

Mindfulness Retreats in Ireland and Egypt

Mindfulness Retreats are Ailish’s signature group and individual spiritual journeys.  Being present in a fully supportive role to help men and women awaken their higher awareness and inner knowing – it is aligning the inner compass to your own personal northstar

This allows the participants to achieve their greatest potential prosperity, wealth and personal success in business and in life.  Ailish hosts retreats in Ireland, France and Egypt with her Retreat partner Jacqueline Hefferman.  These can be custom retreats for individuals and groups or please join one of our upcoming mindfulness being present retreats.

Mindfulness Retreats
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Follow the link below to select a time that works for you.  If the times below do not work for you, email me at ailish@ailish.com for another time/day.  Be Well.