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In the past month I have received three calls from friends or friends of friends who are dealing with cancer – usually unexpected and seems to be aggressive in its progress.

I am not a doctor nor a medical professional and this is not medical advice.  I will share some ideas and personal opinions of what I would look at if that same scenario visited my door. Also have a look at this previous post which covers what I did to help regain my health.

So the things I find most interesting at the moment and what I would be considering – are medicinal mushrooms – specifically this company Tria Alchemy: as their extraction process is advanced and it would be easy to take a high amount particularly if I had issues with digestion and keeping food down.  There are other brands I mentioned and used in the other article – Turkey Tail, Rehisi.  Here is a great brand for Ireland – for Turkey Tail, etc.

A product I take and found very helpful is Japanese Knotweed. Tria have that in liquid form or I would find a high quality supplier – it used to cost me $175+ for this one supplement I was using a few years ago.

Essiac Tea is another staple in assisting health and potentially recovery.  Organic and based off the original formula that Rene Caisse received from the native American Indians in Canada,  She was a Canadian nun who took the sick people that doctors could not cure and cured them. This is one source – I cannot verify the quality, but a good local herbalist may be able to create some from locally foraged ingredients, that might be best.

I would remove all electronic devices from my sleeping area – all cell phones at least 5 feet away from my body when sleeping, all turned to airplane mode overnight. I would sleep no where near a router, power lines or power lines coming into my home, smart meters or overhead wires.  These put invisible energetic stress on the body which you cannot see but the body ‘feels’ and it results in your autoimmune system continually being triggered into fight or flight which means your body cannot eliminate dysfunctional cells as it thinks “well she/he might die any second so let me deal with that first – ie dealing with the fight or flight response and we will get to removing the dysfunctional cells later” – and later never comes as while you are sleeping your body is being ‘silently stalked’ by the electromagnetic currents – hence the fight or flight i.e. continual stress on the body is preventing it from functioning the way it was designed to.

The Now Moment

Ok – the things I am looking into next for all sorts of health related relief are

Lumbrokinase – there is an interesting article on this here – helpful for the heart, blood clotting, breaking down biofilm and identifying and attacking cancer cells – as mentioned in this article

Nattokainise = Nattokinase is an extracelluar enzyme secreted by the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, used to ferment boiled or steamed soybeans resulting in a preparation called nattō. Nattō has been consumed as food in Japan for several centuries. Nattokinase is also available as a supplement and is most known for its effects on prevention and treatment of clots and to improve blood circulation from this article here and then more  here: There are some additional research studies here

I am personally very interested in the work being done by Dr Patrick Soong – I think he is the Elon Musk of the medical field – sheer genius.  Anyway with the creation of Killer T cells his first round clinical trails had almost 100% success rate in curing all types of cancer – pancreatic, triple negative breast cancer etc.  Those are considered the most tricky. Find some information about him here.  

I will add to this post as I think about it – you have to fight for your life like you intend to live and believe it to the core of your being. Meanwhile you have to hand it over and allow the stress to fall away – start where you are, do what you can, with what you have – Arthur Ashe.

Also – I do things like ask out loud for this – “please make it easy for me to know what to do next, Please bring the information to me and make it easy and obvious for me to know what to do.

Lastly – remember the power of laughter – research the story of the guy who locked himself in a hotel room for three days watching nothing but comedy after comedy and he cured himself of some deadly disease

And the power of forgiveness – research the life of Lester Levinson.  You don’t do it for the other person – you do it to clear your plate, not theirs.

Prayer – pray as if you have already received what you are asking for – thank you for my restored and perfect health.

Emotional release and mental correction – on thinking and emotional patterns – I can help with that.

With love



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