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What is the Key to Healing?

What is the key to Healing? Most problems or health conditions do not happen overnight. They are actually quite trackable if we sit and think about it for a while. Today’s life does not really encourage the discipline of active thinking and self-reflective processes. Most of our gadgets and lives are busy, involve many people, and full schedules. Often when we walk we are with people, we have headphones on, etc. When we meditate, if we do, we are trying to silence thought and to get the mind quiet and that has a place of course. But we rarely investigate our condition and if we do, I am guessing we could discover a lot of helpful information if only we are willing to work with what we find out. Knowing what to look for also helps.

We are blessed with three components – body, mind, and spirit – three-in-one, our own individual trinity. Lack of health usually indicates an imbalance in one of the three. How does that work? I often refer to these three components as physical, mental, and/or emotional. The key to healing is healing all of these three components.

The Physical Body

Issues in the physical i.e., in the body, are either immediate – eg, injury from a physical accident or they can build up with time. Poor diet choices, environmental toxins, and a sedentary lifestyle can add challenges to the physical structure.

The Mental Process

How do the Mental or Emotional issues show up? Our mind collaborates with the thought process itself. That is, the conscious mind chooses what thoughts it focuses on. Usually, we don’t generate thoughts themselves as much as we become aware of them. Thoughts and memories are two different things although they occupy the same headspace. Thoughts are things – or at least they become things. We can tend to have very poor thought hygiene for want of a better word. It may seem like we cannot control our thoughts, but we can. It may just take more work than we realize, but it most certainly can be done.

What of the subconscious mind? The subconscious mind can have a number of memories or repetitive thoughts rolling around that we are generally not even be aware of. It is a storehouse for everything. We need to be willing to investigate and release the traumas that are stored there. Everyone has some degree of trauma – and some have unimaginable levels of trauma. What is relevant is what we do with the trauma – how we process it and what meaning we give to it. The meaning we give to the event that we experienced determines the power that it has over our lives.

One of the keys to healing is healing whatever is under the surface – some tools that are helpful for this are RTT-Therapy, Rapid Transformation Technique. This technique is unique in that it involves the use of Hypnosis and NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help identify items that the subconscious is protecting.

The Key to Healing Emotions

Emotions are a subset of thought. Emotions are very powerful communicators and emotions let us know how we feel about particular thoughts. The problem is, we don’t know what to do with our emotions, most people really don’t like their emotions. So what happens? People stuff the feelings down. Repeated stuffing down or non-acknowledgment or lack of consideration of our emotions results in low-frequency energy. This energy then condenses and condenses and then it develops to be some type of illness. The Illness is not the cause of the problem, it is just a signal from your body to let you know that something is out of alignment, something is out of whack, and would you please give me some attention – now.

My goal is to work with people and help them identify the key to healing whatever is bothering them and to help them understand the root cause of what they are experiencing. We have to learn how to process our emotions, how to ground our energy, how to release these huge energetic blocks that are calling to us for attention. These things are neither bad nor good, they are just things that need attention.

The Emotional Scale

Some of the many burdens that we carry consciously or subconsciously are that of shame or grief. On the Map of Consciousness created by David Hawkins the energetic frequency of Guilt and Shame lies below that of Apathy – I hadn’t thought it could get below that. Anger is just below pride which is above desire and fear.

The emotion I personally believe to be the most important emotion of this time to cultivate is that of courage. Courage is the emotion of the heart, to me at least anyway. Courage is where we put ourselves on the line and we are considerate enough of ourselves to show up for ourselves first and then in doing so, we can be there for others. Remember the old line from when we used to fly to great places in planes “put your own mask on first.” When your own cup is full because you are taking care of the essential you, you can effortlessly be there for others if you choose. Be that Lionheart – a person of exceptional courage and bravery. That is where we need to live today, and what we would do well to encourage in our children, family, and friends.

The heart is not a quiet place. It is loud and expressive when you tune into it, that heartbeat can be very loud to the listener. It is also a place of healing, expansion, and fulfillment. What about love? Love is not an emotion. It incorporates all emotions, but it is not an emotion. An emotion is something that has the capacity to come and go. Love is and it is the energy that creates universes. Journey well. If you are interested in working with me to discover the root cause of whatever ails you – please contact me here. I’d love to chat.

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