Healing is a process that has many many faucets so where do we even begin. One could say that this journey on this earth plane is a journey of healing, and often we find our way to that after we have endured enough of hurt. The main things that I have found myself ‘chasing’ fall under the three categories of Health, Finances and Relationships – which just about covers everything, except the one essential key – connecting with oneself. Up until this point I have been blessed with good health and I think that is what is helping me roll along until I reach my next level, and it is the focus of my life now at the moment. Finances and relationships – well, those could fill their own chapters, I have been blessed with wonderful family and friend relationships all my life – and I have learned lots of lessons from my love relationships that never panned out to what one might think at the beginning, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Finances – I have always been good a creating money when I need it and not always the best at rainy day funds, which seemed to be used once I created them!

Where does healing come into all of this? well, from my understanding, from my many years of trying to figure things out and wanting to understand why things did or didn’t work in any situation, I personally believe and understand that all or life around us is a balance and a reflection of our inner world and workings. This is a complex myriad of belief systems, thoughts, subconscious workings, inner chemical balance, family patterns, energetic systems, social environment and how connected we are to our true selves – our soul and from that our inner connection to Source or All That Is, God, Divinity or the I Am Presence. It depends on which part of us is ‘running the show’ – the Ego or The Higher Self. Health and healing is less impacted by external events ‘out there’ as in outside of ourselves than internal processes and events.

In Nature
Nature Heals

Take my onset of cancer as the best possible example that I can give here at the moment. I would 100% say that this experience was triggered by stress, the underlying conditions ripe for exploitation were also most likely there also. On the two occasions where I (1) discovered that I had a lump and (2) the point in time later when I felt it grow and expand exponentially over the course of a few days were right in the middle of two highly stressful periods in my life. So what is stress – to me, it is how we internally process events or experiences – how we react to things around us moreso than how we respond to things around us.

(1) Was where I had been trying to get a business off the ground. I had spent three years researching, developing a product, looking into it and working on it to discover that I didn’t have the capacity to pull it off at that time, as I needed either time or money to grow it and neither was available to me at that moment. Also the US didn’t have a simple distribution method for bottled beverages at the time so I could create the product but getting it onto shelves was going to be more challenging that I had understood. At this time I felt like a failure and was very disappointed, all of this I was processing internally working really hard not to let the outside world see how I was feeling and doing my best to carry on as if ‘life was usual.’ I was also really disappointed that I couldn’t get it to work, wouldn’t be able to get my business off the ground and have that whole expansion, etc. In hindsight, I think I am lucky that things went the way they did, but what this internal processing of stress gave me was a golf ball size lump on my breast almost overnight. I worked on it energetically, changed my diet, worked hard to release pent up emotions and I was able to reduce it to the size of a small marble over the course of a few weeks and I thought it would continue to go away from there.

(2) was a period of time later where again I was trying very hard to achieve something physically that was proving harder than I initially thought and I was stressed out to the hilt (internally) with project deadlines, timing, long cold winter, limited funds to complete the project, etc, etc. During this period of ‘internal stress’ my marble grew back to a golf ball, or perhaps tennis ball and then didn’t look back until much later with medical intervention this time.

It is easy in hindsight to see the triggers and correlations in the events, all of that internal turmoil and stress on emotions had a big internal impact on my body. If I had to summarize how these all connect to the creation of the “Dis-Ease” it would be this.

“Chronic stress also can help cancer grow and spread in a number of ways.” Stress hormones can inhibit a process called anoikis, which kills diseased cells and prevents them from spreading. Chronic stress also increases the production of certain growth factors that increase your blood supply. This can speed the development of cancerous tumors.

Anil K. Sood, M.D., professor of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine at MD Anderson.

Ok – that is the creation – now where does the healing stem from? That is a good question to seek the answers to. It has to be targeted from a few different angels. 1) the release of all strong emotions from the body – see note below for the two systems that I use everyday and you can follow and research;* 2) the forgiveness internally for any perceived guilt, eg: in abilities and the full acceptance of who you are – and love it regardless of what it is, the acceptance of any failures and the acceptance of all aspects of oneself even the unforgivable ones; 3) a move towards a healthier chemical balance in the body – ie food, diet and nutrition to support health and healing; 4) movement if possible to help the body detoxify and eliminate the toxins from medications, removal of cancerous cells, etc.; 5) openness and willingness to receive help and be open about the condition that is ailing you; 6) meditation to help connect you to the inner you and your higher wisdom; 7) the ability to make tough choices and trust that they will work out for you before you have the evidence that they will and 8) Acceptance and Faith in that Higher Power as at the end of the day it is between Divinity and You how and how long we walk on this earth plane.

  • Self Identity Through Ho’Oponopono – read the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len for a quick study of how powerful this can be if you use it and find class information here. This is what I use most often every day of the week.
  • The Release Technique – Larry Crane a no nonsense teacher from The Bronx continued teaching this after the death of Lester Levenson who created the method. There are a few other versions of this available also through The Sedona Method and also The Heart of Releasing – work with whichever one appeals to you most. We need a toolbox to get through our days – these are tools that if you use them, they work, I will add not necessarily in the way you might think, these are not used to manipulate people or events, they are used to release our strong emotions around people and events so we can be free.
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