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This page will cover items that I have found helped me and will also mention some that help others but I didn’t find helpful.  All supplements and medicines should be checked with your health care professional before adding them to your diet.


Joe Tippens Protocol

The Joe Tippens Protocol includes Fenbendazole, Curcurim, Vitamin E and CBD Oil – see below for which I take/took, etc.  Joe’s protocol generally 222mg Panacur C/Fenbendazole; 2 capsules each of Curcumin and Xcellent E daily plus 25 mg of CBD once or twice daily.


Recommended in the Joe Tippens Protocol – see https://mycancerstory.rocks for the current recommendations.  I started taking this on June 21st – the general recommended dosage of 222mg per day, until July 9th then I upped the dosage to 444mg per day. Late July I worked with Care Oncology and switched to the human version of Fenbendazole – which is mebendazole.  I took Menben for about a month during this I had stopped the Fenben.    Along the way I had a hunch that I should still be taking the Fenben – so I now take the Menben in the morning and the Fenben in the evening.  I take it everyday generally.

Now, at the end of July my liver enzymes were off the chart (in the 650 and 1100 range v’s 50) – a function that can happen apparently with both Fenbendazole and the Care Oncology Drugs including Mebendazole.  I didn’t really pay attention to this until the middle of August and I had added in milk thistle to help my liver.  I had bloodwork August 20th and the numbers were back in the 200 range.  I think this reduction was the milk thistle, additional water and adding in more exercise.

Vitamin E

Recommended in the Joe Tippens Protocol – see https://mycancerstory.rocks for the current recommendations. I switched the type of Vitamin E oil I am taking to oil high in Tocotrienols and low in Tocopherols.  Find out more information on the components of Vitamin E oil and why the TocoT’s are good and the TocoP’s are not helpful.  This is the brand I will be buying next – Delta Gold.  Some people have to leave it out if they have blood clotting issues and some on blogs and FB groups expressed concern if they have an estrogen based cancer.  


Recommended in the Joe Tippens Protocol – see https://mycancerstory.rocks for the current recommendations. Bio-Available Curcumin (600mg per day, 2 pills per day 7 days a week).  A product called Theracurmin HP by Integrative Therapeutics is bioavailable


Recommended in the Joe Tippens Protocol – see https://mycancerstory.rocks for the current recommendations. I used PCRX Emerald, from CanTek Labs in OKC.  They extract all except the CBD and CBG out, making a 99% pure product, void of THC. A certificate of
analysis (COA) is supplied for each product (QR code). This provides the contents and quality of each container.  If you are comparing products and pricing, beware of products that do not provide a COA.

The Jim Gordon Protocol

This was recommended to me by someone on a FB group – find Jim’s page on FB – he is the profile with the Red Surfboard.  You can research testimonials there also.  I decided to add these in for me as many of them are anti tumor and also anti parasitic.  Since I have added these in, I have noticed improvements in the external tumor mass that I can see.  I take them 1-2 x per day, he took them 3x per day.

1. Brand piping rock, Chanca Piedra order #8870
2. Brand piping rock, Anamu order #40095
3.Brand, piping rock, Wormwood order #5822
4.Brand, piping rock, Graviola piping rock order #6071
5.Brand, piping rock, cats claw order #3062
6.Brand, piping rock, paud’arco, order #3621
7.Brand, piping rock, Probiotic, order #4471
8.Brand, piping rock, Gentle Iron, order #1782
9.Brand,piping rock, Turmeric, order #2841
10.(women only) Brand piping rock, Passion Flower, order# 6041
10.(men only) Brand nature’s way, Suma Root, order# 41124
*If needed…… If anyone has any kind of lung, throat or sinusitis problem, try a pink sea salt inhaler, lots of people are saying it really helps……https://www.pipingrock.com/…/himalayan-salt-air-inhaler-plu… # 39754
This information is from From Jim’s FB Page – hope it is ok to share here.  
WARNING: If you are pregnant, or nursing do NOT take!
I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW TO TAKE THESE HERBS BY LAW, but I can tell you how I took them. I did 10 caps at breakfast, 10 caps at lunch and 10 capsules at dinner, for a grand total of 10 x 3=30 capsules a day. Now remember I had stage 4 cancer that is why I took this many, but now that my last CT said I was cancer free I’m now only taking 10 caps total a day just to keep the cancer at bay. And if you have estrogen fed cancer add one capsule of passion flower at each meal too.
Updated info…. there is a (mans protocol and a woman’s) protocol. So what is the difference? Well…..women added Passion Flower and men add Suma. WARNING…. women do NOT add SUMA it could make your C. worse. NOW on the other hand men can take Passion Flower, but it will only help with sleep….I have been fine-tuning my protocol for years so if you see a old post don’t go by the way I say to take them, just go by the new way, I keep thinking outside the box and it working great.  P.S NEVER, NEVER TAKE THESE HERBS ON A EMPTY STOMACH.
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