A recent post from an acquaintance regarding migraines has prompted this post.  Do you suffer from migraines or headaches?  f you do, you might want to consider the following ideas in addition to your self care as you search for reprieve.

If you suffer from Migraines? Which of the following strike a chord with you on a personal level

  • Poor Personal Boundaries – do you know when to say no? How clear are you at expressing your boundaries? Does the migraine benefit you by forcing you to say no and express your boundaries
  • Are you overwhelmed by how much you have to do? Does the migraine get you out of situations that you needed to get out of.
  • What would you have to have dealt with if the migraine hadn’t happened, what problem or conflict did you avoid?
  • What circumstances are you in that you do not feel strong in?
  • What stress or responsibility do you have that is causing you to try to please others?

All of these scenarios create inner conflict or suppressed anger at not choosing yourself and not making choices that support you – or anger towards the people who continually ask you for more that what you are supposed to contribute.  This creates an inner conflict.  Ask yourself what was happening in your life right before the migraine started.  Look for areas where you are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself or someone else is putting too much pressure on your and look for areas that are consuming too much of your energy.  

Ok That’s The Problem – Now What are the Solutions for Migraines?

You will have to do a lot more digging around but here are some pointers that were referenced and then at the end there is a visualization that just takes about 3 minutes and may give you some relief: 
Consider the following in your search for a solution:
  1. Re computer work – are you working too much on your computer and if you are are you using any “blue light blocking glasses?”  What exactly is blue light – do some more research here but essentially light from the sun falls in the seven color spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).  Blue is one of the seven colors and is most helpful in the day (when the sun is up) computers and comptuer screens emit relatively high amounts of blue light.  This light is harmful to our sleep patterns and eyes if we are on screens at night.  Blue light blocking glasses worn in the evening, block these harmful rays.  This might give you some relief -and is an easy solution as you can get a pair of these glasses for $15-20.
  2. Magnesium supplementation is mentioned by more than a few people – do some research on this, again, an easy fix if this is your issue.
  3. Diet – in its many forms were mentioned as triggers, notably, wine, dairy, gluten, coffee and chocolate.  Also Low hydration levels.  Some found relief from electrolyte drinks
  4. The ocean, homeopathic remedies and cold compresses around the neck are also recommended by some people.
Visualization:  Keep looking until you find the thing that gives you some relief.  Try this visualization from Healing Visualizations by G. Epstein and let me know if it helps:
Name: Open Eyes
Intention: To Eliminate Migrane headaches
Frequency: As needed, every 5 to 10 minutes for up to 3 minutes at a time.  According to Epstein, migraine headaches involve anger. Temporal headaches involve rage and tension headaches involve worry.  
Migraine headaches is usually felt as one-sided, the pain covering that side of the skull; it’s onset is often signaled by the sensation of smelling something unpleasant (unrelated to what is in the environment) or seeing a halo of colored lights (also unrelated to environmental presence) and most commonly reflects anger.
Open Eyes (for Migraine headaches) With your eyes open, look up and out to the side of the headache for 2 to 3 minutes steadily then return to your normal gaze.
In Rapid transformation Technique we often ask the subconscious “What is the role” the migraine is playing.  What we often discover is that the ‘problem’ is frequently trying to ‘help’ the person.  If you are suffering from migraines or headaches and you are interested in finding the root cause, please feel free to reach out to me for a discovery call and I will see if I can help you.  Just book the call here:  Https://ailish.com/booking

Wishing you relief from whatever is ailing you and good health.