The Dark Night of The Soul

What is the dark night of the soul? It is a phrase that is often used informally to describe an extremely difficult and painful period in one’s life

It helps us to become the observer of our life and the world around us.

When we retreat from the pain and identify ourselves by our emotions we limit ourselves.

The dark night of the soul leads to the dawn of the new human.

The experience is just designed to give us wisdom. 

From it we eventually learn to run towards life and not shy away from the turmoil.

Sometimes yes, we need to step back, access the landscape and determine what path we will pursue.

We did not come here to be sleepers, we came to experience, expand and wake up to our full energetic blueprint and human capacity.

Our greatness is our ability to choose, in spite of what we have experienced that we can rise from the depths and reach for the sky.

In order for us to open to the higher states of awareness that are available we have to process the energy and emotions that are in the lower states.  

Thoughts of fear, anger, jealousy, judgment, manipulation, impatience, low self esteem – are some of aspects of the negative ego.  It’s ok to have the thought, but the challenge is to recognize it and switch out of it v’s staying in it.

To feel the emotion allows us to release it, but we are not designed to become it. I am depressed v’s I am experiencing depression – one has a door out, can you tell which one it is.

When we balance and clear out the negative ego experiences of the lower three energy fields, then we can move out of this lower level of awareness and move into higher levels of awareness.

We get to choose.

If life was an Arthurian Legend and you were playing a character, which one would you choose – a pheasant? a non speaker character?  A knight? A member of the royal support crew? the King himself? or the Queen? 

Would you be working in the royal house to build the legend or would you be far away choosing to be an onlooker witnessing the scene.  There is no value difference between one or the other.

We have the capacity to have perfect male and perfect female – perfect polarity inside of us and when we achieve this, we uplevel and things level up.

I have an understanding on how to clear and balance the lower energy centers to facilitate the opening of your heart and higher heart.

It is detailed and specific work and only some will be called to do it.

You will know it is for you if it is for you – 

and if you are drawn to it please contact me.  


Meanwhile – life is full of choices, everyday and they bring us experiences.

What experiences are you choosing?  Is there anything you would add in.

This is not a dress rehearsal

But there is no rule of law that says it can’t be fun.

Welcome – Let’s Talk About You…

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