The Dream

The Dream

The Dream: 

Spirit communicates with us in whatever way it can get our attention.  Sometimes it is in the land of slumber of Nod and Sod that the messages can reach us most effectively. It’s about a year ago to this day that I had the most profound dream of my life to date.  At that time I working with a stage 4 diagnosis – it was early July 2020.  I had been admitted to hospital in April and had spend three weeks there.  My weight was down to about 95 lbs on the way in, I was very, very weak and was working with a diagnosis of four to six months to live, and by July I was three months into it.

It’s interesting to be in that position. For those of you who ever have wondered what it is like, well I will save you the experience. Suffice it to say, your thinking capacity reduces to about the level of your physical capacity and immediate environment.  So the good news is that you really are not thinking about more than – can I walk from the couch to the bathroom? do I need to sit down while brushing my teeth?  Everything becomes very local and immediate and the mind gets a break from thinking. My prognosis in hospital was rather bleak. I don’t blame the doctors for their pessimistic outlook as I did look a few steps from another dimension. In my heart of hearts, I did not resonate with the diagnosis. I just kept fumbling on with the help of a great many friends – both great and many.

On coming out of hospital, I was very lucky, my brother John had traveled into the country from overseas to help me at home. I was making progress and getting some better nutrition, still no perfect solutions but some motion.  As happens in many dreams, you don’t realize that you are in the dream until you are not…

The Dream

It was a Sunday night and I was in western Maine at a conference, it was about 4pm and I was about to leave the hotel.  My brother John was in town and he was looking after my daughter while I was away.  Looking at the clock I figured I’d get back home by about 7pm so I headed to my car.  Next thing I know, I wake up in my car and it is pitch black and the car is moving, and I instinctively know that I am driving on bend on a hill.  What the heck has happened, did I fall asleep at the wheel? My hands clenched the steering wheel, I am crying and it is pitch black both inside the car and outside – the lights on the dashboard or outside the car are not working.  I am hitting the dashboard to see if I can get the lights to turn on but nothing was working.  I was terrified, had no idea where I was or what got me there and I was sure I would go off the road any moment.  I call out God, God please help me, I have no idea what’s going on, God, God please help me.

I keep praying, just going on my intuition that I was going downhill on a bend. My hands still gripping the steering wheel at a slight angel on the wheel and everything is pitch black.  I don’t know how it happened, but my car continues down the hill, I manage to stay on the road and it rolls to a stop at an intersection in the middle of the highway.  At this point I am beside myself, I’ve no idea where I am, it is dark out, I don’t recognize the road or anything and I am questioning my sanity.  I decided that I am obviously not safe to drive and I pulled off the road at the intersection and drove to the next town.  It was about 9pm and I stopped my car in front of a bar-restaurant that was open.  The bartender, a young lady with blond hair, smiled at me an indicated it was ok to come in.  I decided I would, go in, have a tea or coffee, find out where I was and make a decision to stay in a hotel or drive back home.  

I went into the bar and went down in the back room, there were some nice coffee tables there, round, European style.  There was also a small service bar in this room with a few chairs at the bar.  I found my table and pulled out my phone to check Google Maps to see where I was.  It was a town called German Town and it was not too far from Portland Maine.  I had never heard of it.  Where the heck is this? and how on earth have I ended up near Portland?  By now I should have been back home already and instead I was three hours due south of my destination with no idea how I got there.  Thinking I must be “loosing the plot” from my medication I was struggling to put the pieces together.  The back room was pretty happening, a few of the tables were occupied and there were a couple of people at the bar.  The Bartender – young guy, about 25 was talking to a friend outside the bar.  They were having a conversation where the guy outside the bar would say something to the bartender and then they would both look over at me, this happened a few times.  I looked up at them and then the bartender shouted something down to me in German. I shrugged, I’m sorry I mouthed, I do not speak German. 

The guy who was sitting outside the bar, pulled his chair away from the bar and started to walk over to me.  The thought that came to mind as I studied his approaching face was, “wow, that is a really high forehead.”  This young man was about twenty five, high forehead, chiseled chin, longish hair and dark eyes. He leaned towards me and pointed to my chest “you are going to kick that thing to the curb.”  “What?” I asked confused.  He pointed again at my breast and said “You are going to kick that thing to the curb, you are going to be ok” I was taken aback, shook to the core and we spoke for a moment longer,”thank you” I said and he went back to his seat at the bar.  Meanwhile, I am speechless, sitting at my table, looking at my phone.  The next while passed, the young man outside the bar was very popular with other girls and guys who came in and things moved on.

How long does a bottle of wine last? Came the question from a young lady at the next table.  “It depends how fast you drink” I responded, her dilemma as it turns out was she had not drank wine before and her friends wanted to order a bottle.  “If it’s your first time drinking wine, I’d recommend you only have one glass as two will give you a headache in the morning” was my sage advice. I hung out there for a while, just settling in and observing the conversations and noise around and contemplating my evening and what I would do next

I decided to go and order a coffee, so I went to the front bar, it was a different bartender, a girl with long dark hair, in her 20s.  When she brought me the coffee I looked down at my wallet to get money to pay for it. To my shock and horror I discovered I was not wearing my top.  “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry” I gushed, “I have no idea what is going on with me or why I am not wearing my top.  It must be my medication, It must be effecting my head, I must be loosing it.” She touched my hand and said, it’s ok, don’t feel bad about it, these things happen.  I explained the crazy evening I had and she looked at me and said “you know, you should really be writing these experiences down.”  I thanked her and started to make my way to the back room with my coffee. I stopped in between to search in my bag for my shirt, questioning my sanity and as as I did. Only then did I realize that I was in a dream and was coming out from it.  “Wait,” I asked.  “Who was the guy?”  the answer came clearly “A young Bruno Groening.” I came out of the dream and I was shaking with relief and overwhelm. It was as if an angel had touched the core of my soul.  

From the dream, four things were vividly clear to me on waking:  1) I had been driving along in the dark just relying on my intuition; 2) I called out to God for help and the lights turned on inside and outside of the car, this is significant, my inner lights were turned on and also in the world around me; 3) I received a message that I would heal; and 4) that I should write this down and share these and other messages.

Bruno Groening

From Wikipedia: Brueno Groening was a German Mystic who performed faith healings. Gröning said that his ideas were not a new teaching or religion, but rather an ancient knowledge that had been lost, saying that people had forgotten “the most important thing”, that there is a higher power or force that is available to help people

Gröning regarded health (rather than illness and disease) as the natural state of all living things and asserted that one can maintain health and heal from illness by absorption of a Divine life force that he called heilstrom. which translates into English as “healing wave” or “healing stream”.

Tuning in to divine energy

To connect with and receive this energy, Gröning taught a technique he called einstellen (German for “tuning in”). He said that human beings were like batteries that used energy. To maintain health, a person needed to daily renew themselves by tuning into the healing wave. The practice of einstellen consists of sitting in an upright position with arms and legs uncrossed and palms facing upwards. He stated that it was very important for the back to be straight and to not have any kind of backrest if possible. Inwardly the practice consists of having the wish to receive the heilstrom, having faith that healing is possible, and then focusing on the body, observing the sensations and feelings thereof.

He told people to “take on health” and that specifically in regard to healing it is permissible, even necessary, to be selfish, that is, to focus on oneself.

Gröning believed that when a person tunes into the healing stream that healings can occur spontaneously or slowly, depending on variables such as the quantity of life force flowing through the body, accelerated during einstellen. Sometimes the symptoms may worsen or increased pain is experienced before a healing occurs. Gröning called this occurrence regelungen (German for “regulation” or “adjustments”) and stated that it is sometimes a necessary part of the healing process.  Visit the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends for more information on his work.

Bruno Groening
Bruno Groening
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