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Life is full of challenges, but we are capable of overcoming them. Every problem has a solution, and once we find it, life becomes more straightforward. I believe that you can move beyond any obstacle that you face and create the life of your dreams. 

I want to inspire you and show you that it’s possible. I’ve been in the personal development world for over 20 years, and I’ve gained numerous qualifications that have helped me understand myself better. I’ve even healed myself from Stage IV cancer and rebuilt my life from scratch.

I know that I can help you too, and that is why I offer personalized services to help you overcome difficult situations and circumstances. My aim is to help you find solutions in a more efficient way, so you don’t waste any more time or money.

If you’re ready to transform your life, I encourage you to schedule a call with me. Together we can create a brighter future that you truly deserve.



Hi! I’m Ailish Keating, The Happiness & Mindset Guru 😅.

I help women reach their full potential and make a positive impact on the world. My clients are AMAZING and are entrepreneurs, managers, CEO’s, leaders, homemakers and change agents

I specialize in guiding them to shift their focus, set goals, and achieve their full potential in business and in life.

I’m good at simplifying complex information into easy to follow steps.  I live in both Ireland and the United States, and I believe that everyone has a unique gift to offer the world.

By helping my clients identify and break through any internal barriers, it contributes to the world at large, their families, communities and most importantly, themselves.

I enjoy spending my free time in nature and connecting with the world around me.

Ailish Opslens
Ailish Isaya
AIlish & Kerrin

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