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This link is for Joe’s Blog:  Welcome to Get Busy Living. I’m thrilled you’re here—because I have much I want to share with you.  I started this blog selfishly.  I was fielding as many as 30 calls per day as my unusual story spread like wildfire.  And each call required me to start from the beginning.  Now I tell people “If you still need to talk to me after reading this blog, I’m available.” It has allowed me to manage my day better while still reaching out to those that are in need and are curious.

Dr Kleef, Integrative Immune Oncology Clinic Budapest/Vienna

Integrative Immune Oncology Center:   In our work we focus on the research, teaching and development of quality standards in hyperthermia treatment. In a day clinic setting, we have several treatment places for whole-body hyperthermia (“fever therapy”) with reflection-scattered and water-filtered infrared radiation according to Heckel and Ardenne, and the most modern deep hyperthermia systems in Europe. Dr. Ralf Kleef has been running the center since 1998 and has treated more than 11,000 patients in Vienna. Due to the uniqueness of all patients, each therapy plan is created separately, taking into account all components. The focus is on immunotherapy, fever therapy & hyperthermia.  Now Located in Budapest.

Dr. David Minkoff, Life Works Wellness Center, Clearwater, FL

At LifeWorks Wellness Center we’re going to listen to you and take the time to dig deeply into your health to locate the underlying cause(s) of your unwanted condition and symptoms.  We don’t practice “band-aid” medicine nor do we attempt to “cover-up” your symptoms. We’re going to get to the bottom of things and then we’re going to handle it! Our natural treatment plans are powerful but supportive of your entire system and designed to help you recover from the true underlying causes of your illness.

Care Oncology and Care Oncology Clinic

Our scientists and doctors developed a combination of medicines to deprive cancer of the nutrients it needs to grow and spread.  *Care Oncology U.S. works in coordination with the SEEK Group and Care Oncology Clinic of London, UK

Get an Onconomics Report – also known as “The Greek Test”

The RGCC test – what doctors call the “Greek Test – uses blood preferably, and tissue when necessary, to identify circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and cancer stem cells (CSCs). This particular assay tests 49 chemo drugs in 5 classes, plus 64 tumor related genes looking for mutation, and 50 natural biologics. You will need to order this through a doctor who works with the Lab – eg Life Works Wellness Center

Additional Resources

I have been asked by and I am happy to share a link to the The Mesothelioma Center – Note I have not used their services.

Mesothelioma, a rare cancer that affects protective membranes surrounding lungs, heart and abdominal cavity that’s mainly caused by asbestos exposure. They provide free informational books, packets and a Patient Advocacy program that works 1-on-1 with individuals to help them find local doctors, treatment centers and support groups.