I am on a mission to make this world a happier place. Want to Join Me? My name is Ailish. I am a transformation coach and hypnotherapist who helps people identify and release the emotions that are keeping them sick and stuck. Through my own healing journey I had to dig deep and address core wounds and trauma to heal myself.

Through healing myself and helping others heal I have discovered that people have three major problems: unresolved traumas; stuck emotions and a habit of not prioritizing themselves. In my unique 8 point process I address each of these issues leaving no stone unturned. My clients learn how to identify and reframe issues from their past and learn how to move through them and live life to the fullest. I believe everyone can heal and that healing starts from the inside out.

With all of my heart I believe:

  • No matter the issue; everybody can heal.
  • Love is at the core of every solution; it is fundamental in all healing. 
  • Self love is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves, our families and our community; from there we have the capacity for true understanding and healing every issue.

Why Am I Qualified To Help?

In 2020 I received a stage 4 Breast Cancer diagnosis and was given 2 to 6 months to live, which means I would have definitely expired by October 2020.  Well guess what? I am still here! thriving and reinventing my life and now finally doing the thing that I LOVE which is helping people understand the subconscious blocks that create issues in their lives.


I now have the tools to help people rapidly transform their lives by removing the underlying blocks and beliefs that are keeping them stuck.  I have worked with so many different modalities and have received healing from so many different places.  I have a good understanding of what works where. It is a multipronged approach, you have to heal on many levels and the good news is that you can.  I am also a licensed Transformation Coach, RTT Practitioner, EFT Practitioner Access Bars Practitioner and yoga and meditation teacher.

The time of life is short! To spend that shortness basely were too long. If life did ride upon a dial’s point, Still ending at the arrival of an hour. An if we live, we live to tread on kings; If die, brave death, when princes die with us. Now, for our consciences, the arms are fair When the intent of bearing them is just.

— William Shakespeare —

Life and its Moments

Growing up in rural Ireland is rich in so many ways and at the same time, you don’t know what you know and you also don’t know what you don’t know.   It might be a protected bubble of intelligence or ignorance or both.  The same is true for anywhere.  A rich and full world disconnected from the outer world and potentially very connected inside, or at least one would imagine.

Moving from there to college, to graduate school and living in New York City for a few decades is a whole lot different from my origins.   In many ways, the Big Energy of the Ocean is replaced by the Big Energy of the City, one is traded for another and we still journey inside and outside.

In moving from New York to Rural Maine, the Big Energy of the City was replaced by the Big Energy of Katahdin and the woods of Maine and one replaced by the other.  This location provided less distraction though and perhaps the sand in the oyster shell that created this next chapter.  I don’t doubt, that I called in Big Change and a few curveballs, I wouldn’t put it past myself.  I just didn’t read the small print – which read, may cause imminent rapid change including locations, geography, spiritual and emotional – oops.  So here we are…

Jenga Stable

Playing Jenga...

Playing Jenga with our Health

After studying the pillars of health and living the complications from lack of vibrant health, looking closely at what causes what and why, I have come to a new understanding of health.  I now see health like a jenga tower. The name jenga is derived from kujenga, a Swahili word which means ‘to build.’ Players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. Each block removed is then placed on top of the tower, creating a progressively more unstable structure. Our “Tower” of good health is either made progressively stronger or weaker based on which elements or ‘ building blocks’ we remove.  Any tower can stand with some key blocks removed, no tower can stand with all key blocks removed, and random combinations of key elements of health removed result in a more or less stable building.

What are some of these key blocks:  Low Stress Environment; Mental Perspective; Nutrition; Healthy Physical Environment and more.  When these elements are replaced or compounded with, Stress, overwhelm, poor nutrition, environmental toxins, geopathic stress and more they become more like a time bomb or a tower that is precariously hanging with which one additional stressor will cause the tower to fall or a systems failure of sorts.  

Jenga by GUMA89

About Ailish:

Ailish Keating is a dynamic and engaging transformation coach and thought leader who is dedicated to helping people heal stuck emotions that are causing them to experience chronic illness. 

She grew up on a dairy farm in the west coast of Ireland.  Her lifelong quest into healing the causes and sources of pain and suffering have brought her through numerous modalities and training. Her Program “The 8 Step Method to Unconventional Healing” is called – Move Differently”.  This is a transformational technique which involves a unique blend of psychological and spiritual tools that initiate radical change for her clients.

She helps her clients release emotional trauma and mental blocks allowing them to become the hero of their own lives.  Achieving unprecedented levels of success, joy and inner peace. She loves hiking, rock climbing and spiritual development.

She is on a mission to help people realize that they are the heroes of their own life story. By releasing the traumas that bind them to a limited experience, they can experience a rich and expansive life of no limitations. 

To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep, No more; and by a sleep to say we end The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to:

— William Shakespeare —